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Student to Student is a proven, classroom-based experiential program that brings Jewish and non-Jewish high school students together to learn about Judaism through personal storytelling. Jewish high school Student Presenters visit local high schools with few, if any, Jewish students to share their Jewish practices and experiences. Our program is offered in select locations throughout the country. Student to Student is the signature program of Be The Narrative, a national 501 (c)(3) organization.

For Jewish High School Students.

Demonstrate Leadership. Make a Difference. Share Your Story.
student presentation of Jewish traditionsFor a small investment of time, you can make a lasting impact in how others view Jewish people. Being a Student to Student Presenter empowers you to break down cultural barriers, connect with Jewish peers, and demonstrate true leadership. Share your Jewish experiences with other high school students, and influence how they think of Jews and Judaism. You will gain experiences that set you apart from others and demonstrate your ability to speak confidently about yourself.
Your Role as a Presenter
Jewish Student Presenters work in small teams representing different branches of Judaism to answer the question, “What does being Jewish mean to you?” A few times during the school year, your team will visit other area high schools with little to no Jewish population and share stories about your personal Jewish experiences – growing up, celebrating holidays, achieving milestones, and participating in other lifecycle events. Student to Student Presenters effectively dispel myths and stereotypes of Jewish people and build positive relationships between Jewish and non-Jewish high school students. Your role as a team Presenter also gives you insight into the lives of your Jewish peers from other branches of Judaism. Time and again, Presenters say how rewarding this experience is for them.
Everyone Has a Story
student talkingAs a Presenter, you are not expected to be an expert in everything Jewish. No matter how observant you are, we want you to share your own story – how you were raised Jewish, what traditions or practices your family observed, and what matters most to you about being Jewish. We provide an outline for the presentations and training to help you develop your leadership and public speaking skills. Most Presenters gain so much from this experience that they choose to participate in Student to Student for more than one year.
"Working with the Student to Student program was incredibly enriching not only because it was rewarding to become a source of knowledge and learning for others, but also because of the learning that I did throughout my time with the program. It was something that left a great impact on my life, including my college applications, as I was eager and able to share about it in my essays and interviews."
Jewish Student Presenter Alum

For High School Educators.

Engaged Classroom Learning. Personal Stories. Broadened Perspectives.
Do you want your students to learn about a religion and culture from peers who bring the subject matter to life? Student to Student is a proven, experiential educational program that has been successfully integrated into high school classes for over 30 years. There is no cost for the program which complements upper level high school courses, such as World Religions, English, History, DEI, Hebrew Scriptures, and more. Our program is designed for public and private high schools alike with few, if any, Jewish students. A local Program Coordinator will work with you and your school to schedule the classroom presentations and make all necessary arrangements.
How Our Program Works
Student to Student Presenters are Jewish high school students who are part of a small team that brings a personal and relatable perspective about Judaism to your classroom. Presenters come from different Jewish backgrounds and will share their own unique connection to Judaism with your students. Our program is all about personalizing and demystifying Judaism and going beyond merely delivering information. We offer engaging talks from Jewish teens who bring their authentic stories to life with passion as well as props and visual aids. Questions and interaction are encouraged. Surveys of students who attended Student to Student programs indicate that nearly every student found the program to be informative and enjoyable.
"Many of my students don’t know anybody Jewish, so it was really helpful for them to get to know what it’s like to be Jewish today, and hopefully, if they hear any antisemitic jokes or comments, they can say something and be an ally for the Jewish community."
High School Teacher

For Jewish Community Professionals.

Jewish Voices. Engaging Teens. Building Bridges.
Jewish communal professionalsBring a Student to Student program to your community and make a lasting difference in the lives of Jewish high school students while helping to create a more tolerant society. Student to Student is the premier classroom-based educational program that connects Jewish and non-Jewish high school students. Our program has been operating for over 30 years and has been validated through independent research to change the lives of both Jewish and non-Jewish teens. By building bridges of understanding and appreciation between faiths, Student to Student aims to disrupt patterns of ignorance and hatred that lead to antisemitism.
Connecting Jewish Teens
Student to Student creates meaningful relationships across both religious and denominational lines. A hallmark of our program is that Jewish Student Presenters from different Jewish backgrounds work together in teams. Each student shares about their own Jewish identity. Jewish Student Presenters learn from each other while demystifying Judaism for their non-Jewish peers. Jewish students from different branches of Judaism, who might never meet one another, connect to learn and make a difference together.
Become a Partner
communal professionalsWhile Student to Student is national, the program is delivered through local Jewish organizations who license the program from Be The Narrative. Licensees are typically the local Jewish Federation or Jewish Community Relations Council who provide staffing and funding to operate Student to Student in their city. Student to Student accepts new partner city applications for licensing our program until early spring for the following school year. Contact us to learn more about applying to become a licensed provider of Student to Student. 
"Student to Student is one of the most important programs we have in our ongoing commitment to fighting antisemitism, and maybe even more importantly, in providing a space for Jewish teens to explore their own personal Jewish identities and to speak about their experiences to other teens who have very little to no connection with Jewish people. "
Jewish Community Professional

Where We Are.

We Are.

Licensed providers offer the Student to Student program in locations across the country.
Find a program in your area by clicking on a city below. If your location is not listed, please contact us.

Licensed providers locations that offer the Student to Student program Bloomington, IN Schenectady, NY New York City, NY Howard County, MD Charlotte, NC Tulsa, OK Omaha, NE Sacramento, CA Lehigh Valley, PA Image Map

We are continually looking to expand Student to Student to new locations across the country. If you are interested in applying to become a licensed Student to Student partner, please contact us to learn more about the application process.
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