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The impact of a Student to Student presentation goes well beyond the classroom and the school day. After engaging with Jewish Student Presenters, high school students have a better understanding of Jews and Judaism, increased awareness of religious and cultural differences as well as commonalities, and a greater desire to interrupt antisemitic comments and stereotypes.
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83% of teachers strongly agree that Student to Student presentations break down stereotypes and effectively engage their students.
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84% of students report that they have shared what they learned or have taken another step to learn more about Judaism. 27% say that they have interrupted an antisemitic comment.
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94% of teachers report that students continue to discuss what they learned from Student to Student presentations in their classrooms afterwards.
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78% of teachers believe that Student to Student presentations helped to counter antisemitism in their schools.
Data source: 2019 report conducted by LS Associates, available upon request.
Student to Student programs make a meaningful difference in the lives of high schoolers and in their understanding and appreciation of Judaism.
“It is through programs such as this that our communities learn to understand each other better so that we can live in mutual respect and peace.” – Alex, High School Teacher
“My sons both had wonderful experiences participating in the Student to Student program. They loved being able to share what was meaningful to them about Judaism with curious peers, and I believe it brought them a sense of pride and connection, not just to their faith but to the Jewish community as well. They learned from other Jewish teens who practiced Judaism differently, and they developed a sense of understanding and respect in regards to the great diversity that exists within the Jewish community.”– Andrea, Parent of Jewish Student Presenter
“Being in the Student to Student program has given me a platform to make a visible impact through sharing my experiences as a Jewish teen. I’ve especially loved getting to connect with students and seeing such interest on the receiving end. I feel proud that I am making a difference in reducing anti-Jewish stereotypes and am very thankful to have been given this unique platform to do so.”– Noa, Jewish Student Presenter
“Every year this is the overwhelming favorite presentation in our world religions unit. [The students] love that the presenters are high school students and not adults.”– Kathryn, High School Teacher
“Student to Student gave me a platform to bring more awareness and understanding about my religion to other students. Without this program, other students would only have a surface level understanding of Judaism which could perpetuate misinformation and negative stereotypes.”– Nicole, Jewish Student Presenter
“As a young adult, I look back on my experiences with Student to Student and understand more fully the vital role of peer-to-peer outreach in building understanding and combatting antisemitism. I am so proud to have been a part of such an important endeavor.”– Rebecca, Jewish Student Presenter Alum
“Teenagers respond really well to hearing from their peers and hearing the stories from their peers. And so, I think we’ve made it pretty much a point even during the pandemic, to have Student to Student every single semester.” – Ryan, High School Teacher
“Every community should have Student to Student. It’s powerful, impactful, and effective.”– Karen, Jewish Community Professional
“Student to Student is an incredible program that brought me leadership skills, enhanced my abilities to think and react on-the-fly, learn more about other religions, and also hear about the various branches of my own. It was a very necessary and empowering place for my growth as a Jewish teen.”– Ethan, Jewish Student Presenter
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